Yatzar Heart

Yatzar simply means “form”. We believe what is formed at the heart of your organisation will live at the frontline of your business relationships. If you want a healthy body, you need a healthy heart!

We’re a bit different at Yatzar, we actually believe business can be fun, interesting and successful all at the the same time. We help to make sense of the madness, streamline the struggles and establish the heartbeat of your organisation. Your vision is our vision, we’ll help you find an organisational structure that fits you and helps you build a workplace culture that your customers and workforce will love to be around.

Our Story

Yatzar was first conceived in April 2013 over a glass of wine and a board of cheese. We sat on the idea, mused, mulled, considered and, in 2016 decided to turn our concept to reality! So here we are, after years of management, leadership and organisation experience across a diverse array of industries. We’ve pooled our wisdom and resources to help organisations rediscover their drive, strengthen their vision, and form a culture of fun, innovation and success.

Consult: Review & Recommend

Strengthen: Establish Vision, Culture & Structure

Illustrate: Design Branding & Marketing

Implement: Develop a Strategy

Evaluate: Review to Improve

Yatzar Team

Neil Reid

Founder & Director

Neil is the Founder and Director of Yatzar. He’s a positive motivator, truly believes anything is possible and lives by a set of proverbs of his own design! Having worked in senior management and leadership since he was 18 years old, Neil has a plethora of leadership and management experience in his toolkit. He has a unique ability to reignite self-believe and bring clarity to confusion.

Abigail Talmage


Abi is our secret weapon here at Yatzar. Hands off, she’s not available for headhunting or transfer- she’s ours and we’re keeping her! Abi has a wealth of experience in the education industry, manages her own successful business and has a special gift for detail, organisation and excellence. We love having her in our corner.

Make A Connection..

Your vision really is our vision. We're ready to help and support you along your journey to greater reliance, productivity and success.