At Yatzar we're community minded and committed to supporting Big Society, community charities and the endeavours of the local Church.

Sometimes there can be so much in your heart, it can be a struggle to declutter the noise and bring clarity to your vision. We want to help! We allocate a portion of our time to work with local churches and community charities at a significantly reduced rate. Why? We simply believe in giving something back!

If you feel stuck in your vision, can’t find the staff or volunteers to help you, or simply need some wisdom to help release your church into a new season of growth and blessing - Yatzar are here to help!

We can work with you to…

  • Clarify & Establish Your Vision
  • Design Your Culture
  • Build Your Training Programmes
  • Develop Your strategy

We can also help you redesign your brand, appeal to more diverse audiences, and increase your local and national reach. Complete the application form to be considered and one of our team will get back to you...